Print ISSN: 2183-3915
Online ISSN: 2183-7058

Susana Coroado
Institute of Social Sciences (ICS-UL),
University of Lisbon, Portugal

Luís de Sousa
Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policies (GOVCOPP),
University of Aveiro, Portugal

ABSTRACT:  In recent years, lobbying has taken up an important space in national and international agendas for political reform. Portugal has recently attempted to pass a law regulating lobbying at the executive level, but the legislative process was brought to a halt as it failed to mobilize sufficient support across the political spectrum. There are still a series of misconceptions about lobbying that curtail any well-intentioned regulatory efforts. Lobbying regulation cannot be drafted based on general suppositions and moral claims. In order to design a robust and purposeful lobbying regulation, it is necessary to understand what is at stake, so that we cannot expect more than what the regulatory framework is capable to deliver.

KEYWORDS:  lobbying, regulation, conflicts of interest